Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Chinese Corner: Calligraphy 书法


Sabato 12 marzo 2016, 10:00-12:00

Via Carducci 28/30, Milano (nell'aula segnalata all'entrata)


The use of Chinese characters is one of the world's oldest written scripts. During the 3 000 years of evolution and development of Chinese characters, Chinese characters can be divided into several stages: oracle bone script, bronze script, small seal script, clerical script, regular script, cursive script, and running script, respectively. Also, the number of brush strokes for each Chinese character varies from one stroke to dozens. Certain rules must be obeyed concerning the order of writing these strokes.

In this Chinese Corner, we will see some pieces of greatly varied calligraphy and learn how to write your own script with brush and Xuan paper follow the certain rules.


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